Arapaho Pass (11,950′), Front Range

From the east, access to Arapaho Pass can be found along a rough 2WD road that provides access to the Fouth of July Trailhead. The trail begins in dense forest with wonderful fields of wildflowers blooming in the summer months. For part of the hike to the top of the pass, the trail follows an old stage-coach road. It also passes the remains of the Fourth of July Mine near treeline. Miners dug silver ore from the Fourth of July Mine in the late 1800s. In the early 1900s they switched over to searching for copper. Over the 300-foot mine shaft once stood a timber head frame, where miners and equipment were lowered into the main tunnel, which was over a mile long. At the top, Arapaho Pass sits on the famous Continental Divide that runs through the Colorado mountains.

Map of Arapaho Pass

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Trail Directions

From the Fourth of July Trailhead, the Arapaho Pass Trail climbs the northern slope of the North Fork, Middle Boulder Creek drainage into the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The Diamond Lake Trail intersects after 1.2 miles.

At 1.8 miles, Arapaho Pass Trail reaches the Fourth of July Mine and the Arapaho Glacier Trail intersects. The Arapaho Pass Trail continues west on an old road 1.2 miles farther to Arapaho Pass.

The Arapaho Pass Trail continues north (right) from Arapaho Pass and drops 750 feet down a series of switchbacks to Caribou Lake. From here, Arapaho Pass Trail continues nine miles to Monarch Lake.

Trailhead Directions