Bierstadt Lake (9,470′), Front Range

Bierstadt Lake sits atop a forested moraine, which is a ridge composed of material left behind thousands of years ago by receding glaciers. The lake was formed when a dam was made from glacial debris deposits. Water from the lake drains into Mill Creek within the Mill Creek basin, a flat valley with a scenic meadow.

The lake’s east end provides the best look at the Continental Divide, with standouts such as Otis Peak (12,486′), Hallet Peak (12,713′)Flattop Mountain (12,324′), Ptarmigan Point (12,363′) and Notchtop Mountain (12,129′).

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Trail Directions

An uphill 1.4-mile (2.3 km) trail with switchbacks that begins at the Bierstadt Lake Trailhead. A 0.6-mile (0.97 km) trail encircles the subalpine lake, which has a sandy beach along the eastern portion, offering the most spectacular views.

Most of the elevation gain occurs in the first three-quarters of a mile. You enter a pine forest which turns to sage with unobstructed views as you gain elevation. At the top of the moraine the trail transitions back into a dense forest again. The trail gets relatively flat as you continue to the lake.

Trailhead Directions