La Plata Peak (14,336′), Sawatch Range

La Plata Peak is the 5th highest summit in the Rocky Mountains and is known for it’s distinctive Ellingwood Ridge . For the summer season I chose the Southwest Ridge trailhead of La Plata Peak, making for a beautiful hike. There were remnants of old mining tracks on the hike, and Huron Peak and the three Apostles provided a great backdrop. I also attempted La Plata Peak in winter using the standard route, and you can find the trip report here.

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Trailhead:  West Winfield (southwest ridge)
Round trip: 8 miles / 12.9 km
Elevation: 10,778′ -14,336′ (3,558′)/ 3,285 m – 4,370 m (1,085 m)

Note: The West Winfield trailhead is small and very hard to reach, even during dry conditions due to the rough 4X4 road.

Once at the trailhead head directly north and cross a small creek and turning west for a bit. Following the steep trail you reach treeline at about 12,000′. Here the elevation levels out and you navigate through a large bog overgrown with willows.Expect to get your boots muddy here. Past the bog, you can see the steep trail which climbs to the ridge. Be careful here because of the loose rock and lack of traction, especially on the way down. Once on the ridge, the trail turns northeast and traverses the cliffs you viewed all morning. The trail steepens considerably again and gains 1,000′ in a very short distance, boulder hopping all the way to the top of the ridge. Once on the ridge, continue climbing over two false summits. The trail joins the Northwest Slopes standard route (#1474) for the last 20 feet.

The trail that goes through the gate to the right of the start of the Southwest Ridge leads to the Tasmania Mine, one of the more prolific mines of the Winfield District.





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  1. Your pics look beautiful! Did you find accessing the trailhead difficult? I have moderate clearance on my SUV and don’t want to get stuck.?

    1. The road conditions have undoubtedly changed since i was there, but in June you could reach the trailhead in a moderate clearance SUV if you take your time and drive slow. The biggest variable is going to be moisture. If it rains, or has rained recently, the runoff could easily make the road impossible. Clear as mud….this is one of those trail-heads that is sketchy to get too.

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