Mt Rosa (11,500′), Front Range

Mt Rosa is located in the Pike National Forest just south of Pikes Peak and is the only cone shaped summit in the area. This provides rare unobstructed 360 degree views from it’s small but lofty summit one mile above Colorado Springs. From it’s summit you can see the Front Range peaks, Rosemount Reservoir, Pikes Peak, Almagre Mountain, and the Sangre de Cristo mountain range to the south.

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Trailhead:  Trail 672
Round trip: 5 miles / 8 km
Elevation: 10,370 -11,500 (1,130′)/ 3,161m-3,505m (344m)

From Old Stage Road, turn onto Forest Service Road 379, which goes to Frosty’s Park. You MUST have a high clearance vehicle to proceed the last 1.5 miles up the road to Frosty’s Park. After the meadow turn right and hike along Trail No. 672, also known as Nelson’s Trail, for less than 2 miles. Turn right on Trail No. 673, which pushes steeply up .75 miles to the small rocky summit.

The tree line is much higher here than in most places in Colorado. I usually see tree line around 10,500′-11,000′. On Mt Rosa the summit is still surrounded by trees, at 11,500′.

The mountain was named for Rose Kingsley, an aristocratic young English woman who lived in Colorado Springs and started its first library. She was an avid hiker, and earned the nickname Rosa del Mont, or Rose of the Mount.





2 Replies to “Mt Rosa (11,500′), Front Range”

  1. Hi, mlz2000! Yet another great trail for hikers to discover! These photos look beautiful, I`m sure that many people will find it inspirational for going on this adventure themselves. I was wondering, how difficult will you consider this trail?

  2. Thanks Nigel! Difficulty is so subjective, but I would rate this as moderate because you have a well defined trail, but it is a steady elevation climb. Give yourself 2 hours at a leisurely pace with breaks and you will be on the summit. Hope that helps.

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