About Trekking Colorado

Inversion layer of clouds in the early morning make for stunning views.

Trekking Colorado emerged from a convergence of my love for the outdoors and my interest in technology. As I embarked on countless adventures across the beautiful landscapes of Colorado, I wanted a more permanent record to reminisce back with.

I wanted to preserve these memories, to weave them into a digital tapestry that would endure beyond fleeting moments in time. This website has become my digital scrapbook. I am no professional photographer, nor am I a website creator, yet both converge here out of necessity.

Every picture, every layout, every tour is an original creation. The photographs on these pages were captured using nothing more than the cellphones my wife and I carried on our treks. Imperfections and all, they mirror the raw beauty of the landscapes they depict. Post processing was done to the photographs to balance the color and show the scene as we saw it, but were otherwise left untouched.

In 2024 I earned my commercial drone operator’s license (UAS). Soon drone footage will add a new dimension to our posts, an eye in the sky. As I glide across mirrored alpine lakes, I am also contemplating a fresh chapter, a section dedicated to kayaking. So much more to see and do……

Wishing you the best of adventures, stay safe.

– Mike Langenkamp

Outdoor Contributions

Town of Castle Rock, Colorado

  • Parks and Recreation Council Member while a resident
  • Ridgeline Ranglers – volunteered to maintain and improve Stewart Trail at Ridgeline Open Space in Castle Rock. Learned and implemented trail building technniques.
  • Meadows14er group – guide and educator for groups attempting 14ers

Hiking Project/REI

Author of popular trails in Colorado. Routes include;