Huron Peak view of the Three Apostles

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Views of Longs Peak and Thatchtop Mountain near treeline

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The towering walls of snow

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An excellent trail to follow

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After exploring countless miles of trails in Colorado, the hand picked entries on Trekking Colorado represent the best examples of the natural beauty of the state that we have seen so far. Some of our best memories have come from outdoor adventures, and we hope the same for you.

Painted Wall overlook view

Colorado Landmarks

Near Emerald Lake


Heading up Mt Sneffels

Hiking Tips

Deep in the San Juan Mountain Range

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Best trails and hikes in Colorado

The list below are handpicked trails on Trekking Colorado that represent the best we have seen so far.  They include hiking trails, 4×4 and paved roads as a gateway to spectacular scenery. Planned hiking and road adventures for 2023 will add additional unique locations to enjoy.