Touring and 4X4

Colorado 4×4 trails and scenic roads are some of the most beautiful routes in the U.S. Whether you have a passenger car and travel over paved roads, or have a 4×4 and want to explore deeper into the backcountry, there are endless possibilities. 

Some of our favorite roads and trails are listed below, showcasing the natural beauty of Colorado. A great free resource for finding Colorado 4×4 trails and scenic drives in Colorado is Cotrex. Run by the state of Colorado, the goal is to list all roads and 4×4 trails in the state, with additional information such as closures and restrictions.


This section lists roads that are suitable for all types of stock vehicles in good weather, and are usually paved.

4X4 Trails

In order to get a sense of how difficult a trail is, never use pictures as your guide, they are always misleading. This site uses 3 difficulty levels to loosely rate each 4×4 trail included in the trip reports at the time it was traveled. Due to the nature of these trails, difficulty can increase without warning.

Easy Trails

Good choice for beginners. Gravel or natural surface roads with small obstacles.

Moderate Trails

Typically natural surface with no maintenance except for erosion control. Small to moderate obstacles that can sometimes be avoided. Driver with some experience and 4×4 is needed.

Difficult Trails

Natural surface with no maintenance except for erosion control. Moderate obstacles requiring you to pick a safe path. Modified vehicle and experienced driver recommended.