Below is a new collection of scenic 4X4 trail reports, traveling through the old roads of Colorado’s landscape in search of adventure, scenery, and history.

In order to get a sense of how difficult a trail is, never use pictures as your guide, they are always misleading. This site uses 4 difficulty levels to loosely rate each trail included in the trip reports at the time it was traveled. Due to the nature of these trails, difficulty can increase without warning. None of the trails on this site exceeded a Difficult rating.

EASY – Good choice for beginners. Gravel or natural surface roads with small obstacles

MODERATE – Typically natural surface with no maintenance except for erosion control. Small to moderate obstacles that can usually be avoided. Driver with experience is needed to do this in a stock vehicle.

DIFFICULT – Natural surface with no maintenance except for erosion control. Moderate obstacles requiring you to pick a safe path. Modified vehicle and experienced driver recommended.

EXTREME – Roads with large obstacles. Experienced drivers and modified vehicles required. Vehicle most likely will sustain damage.

While travelling the beautiful trails stay safe and remember “As slow as possible, as fast as necessary.”

Mirror Lake lies on the north side of Tincup Pass

Tincup Pass (12,154′), Sawatch Range

The 4x4 road over Tincup Pass is rugged and slow going because of all the rocks and ledges, but the ...
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View of Cronin Peak (13,870') from the west side of Mt Antero

Mt Antero (14,269′) and Mt White (13,667′), Sawatch Range

Mt Antero is one of only a handful of 14,000' peaks that has a road that travels to within a ...
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View of Hurricane Peak rising above CR10

Hurricane Pass (12,730′) and California Pass (12,960′), San Juan Range

The National Water and Climate Center reported that the SWE (snow water equivalent) for the San Juan Mountains in May ...
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