Flat Tops Scenic Byway (10,343′), Flat Tops

Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway, County Road 8, runs through the northern portion of the Flat Tops Wilderness. Flat Tops is Colorado’s second largest Wilderness, spanning a total of 235,214 acres.

The Flat Tops are part of the White River Plateau, with an average elevation of 10,000 feet. Approximately 110 lakes and ponds, often unnamed, dot the country above and below the numerous flat-topped cliffs. The valleys and relatively gentle land above the cliffs offers over 160 miles of trails to explore.

Trappers Lake is located at the half -way point and is worth a small detour.

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Rating: Easy
Road: County Road 8
One Way: 82 miles / 132 km (Yampa to Meeker)
Elevation: 7,881′ – 10,343′ (+2,462′)/ 2,402m – 3,153m (+751m)

Starting from the east side in Yampa, take County Road 8 to the west.

The road soon begins to climb until you reach Dunkley Pass at 9,763′.

After descending the pass, the road begins to climb again very quickly until you reach the highest point on the byway, Ripple Creek Pass 10,343′.

Continuing west you soon reach the Trappers Lake turnoff. This marks the 1/2 point of the byway.

Soon after the Trappers Lake turnoff the road becomes paved the rest of the way to Meeker. Its a slow decent with large ranches in the lush valley.

This road is suitable for 2WD vehicles





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