Missouri Mountain (14,071′), Sawatch Range

At 14,067 feet, Missouri Mountain is the 36th highest peak in Colorado. It is located in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, and is part of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. With eight “14ers” (peaks exceeding 14,000′ in elevation), the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness has the highest average elevation of any Wilderness Area outside of Alaska.

The other Collegiate 14ers include Huron Peak (14,006′), Mt. Columbia (14,075′), Mt. Oxford (14,158′), Mt Yale (14,200′), Mt Belford (14,202′), La Plata Peak (14,344′), and Mt Harvard (14,424′).

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Trail Directions

The first 3.5 miles is strenuous, with an elevation gain of 3,740 feet. The next 3.3 miles has an elevation loss of 1,670 feet. Follow the Missouri Gulch Trail into upper Missouri Gulch (approx. 2.5 miles). As the trail ascends to 12,600 feet, it turns abruptly east to climb up to Elkhead Pass.

A cairn marks the turn off here for the ascent of Missouri Mountain. Turn west and climb the grassy slopes and a loose talus slope toward the low point on Missouri’s northwest ridge. From the ridge, hike southeast to Missouri’s summit.

Trailhead Directions