Mt Bierstadt (14,160′), Front Range

Mt Bierstadt, just east of Guanella Pass, is located in the Mount Evans Wilderness of the Pike National Forest. The peak was named for Albert Bierstadt, a famous western landscape artist.

Mt Bierstadt is one of the most popular mountains to climb in Colorado, connected to neighboring 14,000′ peak Mt Evans by a class 3 ridge called the Sawtooth. The peak is ranked 38th in elevation in Colorado.


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Trail Directions

The most popular trailhead for Mount Bierstadt is located on Guanella Pass, located to the west of the mountain. Initially the trail descends slightly into the level marshlands surrounding Scott Gomer Creek before reaching Bierstadt’s western slopes.

The trail is well defined to the upper slopes. On the rocky upper regions of the mountain the route of the trail is marked by a series of cairns. The trail levels about 200 feet (61 m) below the summit before beginning the final ascent

Trailhead Directions